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The Prop Dispensary... Melbourne based prop hire for Photo shoots, editorial & advertising. Tv commercials, packaging & small events.

We here at the prop dispensary are passionate about beautiful props.

Kirsty Bryson food stylist shares her amazing collection of props for you to hire for your next shoot.

We love antique & vintage props that we have scoured the country and overseas to source.

We love modern props also, crockery that is individual & stands apart from the crowd. An earthy, organic and rustic feel i am constantly on the hunt for new pottery & ceramics.

A wide & varied selection of props. From Surfaces & backgrounds, crockery, glass ware, beautiful linens, cutlery, and loads of vintage metal props.

This website only shows a small snippet of what's available for hire. To view the full range, make an appointment to come see for yourself. You won't be disappointed.

Consider hiring props from The Prop Dispensary for your next shoot...

Client Feedback:

The Prop Dispensary props are friggin epic! -Marsha prop stylist

The prices were SUPER generous thank you so very much. and your PROPS! OMG! i seriously wanted to run away with them. They are amazing and i haven’t seen anything like them. -Kristine Stylist

In love with the selection of props and the beautiful surfaces available for hire. -James Photographer

A huge assortment of props! Really had to contain myself! -Sarah

The Prop Dispensary was fundamental in the the overall look and feel of our cookbook. We would highly recommend The Prop Dispensary for prop hire. The range, pricing and service -Rachel

It is amazing the difference in my photos. The props were stunning and beautiful surfaces -Dave Photographer

The Prop Dispensary

phone: 0438 299 469